Build a Sobriety Habit that works
12 weeks of accountability, coaching and community.
Do you find it hard to imagine life without alcohol?
Are you at the point where you know alcohol is destroying your health? But you still can’t imagine life without it?

I felt like that, too. I had no idea how people navigated life without alcohol. 
If I don’t drink, how will I have fun?
This is a big one. Fun is essential, and we have been very conditioned to believe that drinking is not just the best way to have fun; it’s the only way. Who wants to give up fun? No one. The good news is you don’t have to; the even better news is that sobriety is more fun than drinking ever was. 
Won’t I be ‘missing out?’
Missing out on what? Hangovers, shame, guilt, regret. When we drink, we numb ourselves to life. That’s missing out. We are missing out on being fully present in our lives, missing out on moments with our kids or our family, missing out on good health, missing out on quality sleep, missing out on all the moments of life that will never happen again. 

I told myself the story that I would be missing out and that my life would be drab, boring, and grey. But that’s all it was—a story. Everything I believed about sobriety was wrong. You don’t miss out on anything; you gain.
Alcohol isn’t working any more.
Alcohol was my solution for a long time; it fixed me, and it fixed my feelings. And then it became a problem. Has alcohol stopped working for you, too?
Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promises.
When you give sobriety a chance (a real chance), you will discover that sobriety makes life more expansive, and alcohol makes it smaller. Alcohol promises us that drinking is the best way to have fun, excitement, belonging, connection, relax and reward ourselves, but sobriety delivers all of these things without the hefty cost, and guess what? All those things are better sober!
We can’t do this on our own. 
And what if you didn't have to?
Imagine if:
You had expert guidance to help manage cravings. No more feeling overwhelmed. With tailored strategies, overcoming the urge to drink becomes a manageable part of your day.

You could navigate social events with ease and confidence. Sobriety no longer means isolation. Learn how to enjoy parties, dinners, and holidays without alcohol and still have a great time.

You discovered new passions that brought joy and fulfilment. Replace the time spent drinking with activities that enrich your life and bring you genuine happiness.

Your relationships with family and friends strengthened. As you change, so do your interactions. Experience deeper, more meaningful connections built on authenticity, not alcohol.

You gained back your mornings: Start each day with clarity and a sense of achievement, rather than regret and a hangover.

Your health improved, and you slept better. Once alcohol is out of your system, your body will start recovering, and your brain, gut health, and energy will all improve.

This is possible for you. 

You have the strength and the potential to overcome your dependency on alcohol. With the right tools and support, the life you imagine—a life of clarity, health, and true happiness—can become your reality. 

In 12 weeks you can build a sobriety habit that works.
If you’re ready to release the struggle of doing it on your own and build a sobriety habit that fits into your day-to-day life then you are ready to join the Sobriety Habit program. 

“ I’m happy to say I’m still sober and living the good life” 

Why "The Sobriety Habit" Works When Other Methods Fall Short

You've tried it all:

Listened to every sobriety podcast you could find 🎙️
Devoured books on quitting alcohol 📚
Followed numerous sober influencers 🚫🍷
Attended multiple wellness retreats 🧘
Enrolled in various programs, only sticking with them for a while 👩‍💻
Spent years in therapy, journaled relentlessly, and even considered more radical solutions 🤷‍♀️
But here’s the critical question: Have any of these methods led to a lasting and profound change? Or do you find yourself slipping back into old habits?

Here's why many approaches don't lead to permanent change:

- They rely on intensity rather than consistency.
- They fail before reaching a critical behavioural threshold.
- They don’t establish the correct habits needed for long-term sobriety.

Our Approach: Consistency Over Intensity

The Sobriety Habit stands apart because it is built on the foundational principles of consistent practice and habit formation. This program isn’t about short-term fixes or fleeting inspiration; it’s about embedding deep, sustainable habits that pave the way to lasting sobriety.
Here’s how we ensure success:

- Structured Progress: Our 12-week program is designed to build sobriety habits progressively, preventing overwhelm and ensuring each habit is fully integrated into your life.

- Evidence-Based Strategies: Leveraging over two decades of direct experience with clients, the techniques we teach are not only proven but also tailored to support long-term recovery.

- Community and Expert Support: You won’t go this journey alone. Our community and continual expert guidance provide the accountability and support essential for maintaining sobriety.

- The Result: A transformative program that doesn’t just aim to get you sober but to keep you sober.

Here's the proof

By the End of This Program, You'll Be Able to:

Manage Cravings Effectively: Develop skills to resist and manage alcohol cravings without feeling overwhelmed so that you can maintain control over your actions and decisions

Navigate Social Situations With Confidence: Gain the confidence to attend social events and gatherings without relying on alcohol as a social lubricant so that you can enjoy genuine connections and experiences

Improve Your Overall Health: Adopt healthier lifestyle choices that contribute to better physical and mental health so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life with increased energy, better sleep, and fewer health issues.

Feel like yourself again: Wake up feeling fresh and alert, look in the mirror and start liking yourself again. No more shame and regret about what you said or did the night before. 

Practice new habits in a supportive community: Learn what key habits you need to support your sobriety for the rest of your life. 

This Program Will Teach You How to:

Transform Your Lifestyle: Embrace a new way of living that supports sustained sobriety and personal growth so that you're not just surviving without alcohol, but thriving in every aspect of your life.

Maintain Long-Term Sobriety: Implement strategies and habits that support a sober lifestyle over the long haul so that you can enjoy lasting freedom from alcohol, avoiding the cycle of relapse and recovery.

Love Sobriety: For sobriety to stick we have to fall in love with it. We can’t stay sober if we always feel like we are missing out. When we change our habits, we feel better. Sobriety becomes attractive to us and we feel fully committed to it. That’s love! 

Here's the proof

Here’s what you get:

12 Sobriety Habits 

Each week you will get a video and a handout with a new habit to practice.
When you enroll you get immediate access.

Week 1 - Get your first 30 days under your belt

Week 2 - How to move forward (and keep going)

Week 3 - How to create a sobriety habit that works for you

Week 4 - How to make 1% changes that feel effortless

Week 5 - Putting weight on the sober end (not the drunk one)

Week 6 - How to feel comfortable around other people drinking

Week 7 - How to enjoy a sober social life

Week 8 - Simple mindset changes that create big changes

Week 9 - Stop self-sabotage in its tracks

Week 10 - How to bring balance to your life

Week 11 - How to become emotionally sober

Week 12 - Building Empowering habits that last a lifetime

Four calls a week

We have four calls a week to choose from, and you can attend as many as you need. These are where you can receive coaching and ask questions. All the calls are recorded, and you can submit questions ahead of time. 

Online Platform

When you join, you will be invited to our private and confidential online platform. Here, you can connect with other program participants and access additional support. The platform is easy to navigate and available on your phone and laptop.


We have a library of resources that you can access the minute you sign up with modules on:
Recovery basics
Intuitive Eating
Navigating Relationships sober
Relationships and Codependency
Emotional Intelligence
Effective communication
Parenting in sobriety and so much more!

What is the cost of not doing this?

12 weeks still drinking $1800.00 ($20 a day on alcohol)
Lost productivity $10,000.00*
Hidden health care costs** $10,000.00

$21,800.00 in three months!
*CDC Cost of excessive alcohol use on productivity.

**Hidden health care costs. According to Twenty-five to forty percent of all patients in U.S. general hospital beds (not in maternity or intensive care) are being treated for complications of alcohol-related problems.

Invest in your sobriety

One payment of



(save $303)

Two payments of



Our 30-Day Conditional Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand the commitment it takes to embark on a journey toward sobriety, and we stand confidently behind The Sobriety Habit. That's why we offer a 30-day conditional satisfaction guarantee. (Please see details in the Q and A below)

Author, podcaster, therapist, coach

About Veronica Valli

The Sobriety habit is designed and led by Veronica Valli. It is based on her two decades of experience as a coach and therapist.

Veronica was addicted to drugs and alcohol by the time she was 18 years old. She turned to alcohol to manage her crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Desperate for help, she went to countless professionals and finally got sober when she was 27. It wasn’t until she understood why she drank the way she did that she was finally able to stop. She became a psychotherapist at 30 and has since run a rehab, worked with governments and private practice, written three books and hosts the popular Soberful Podcast. She has been sober for over 24 years and, as a sobriety coach, has helped thousands live happy, successful, sober lives.

Is "The Sobriety Habit" Right for You?

Deciding to join a program like The Sobriety Habit is a significant step towards changing your life. It's crucial that this decision is the right one for you. This program is designed to be transformative, but it's not for everyone. Here’s how to know if it’s perfect for you:

"The Sobriety Habit" is perfect for you if:

  • You're tired of repeating the same mistakes and want to break the cycle of alcohol dependency.
  • ​You want to be free from the obsession with alcohol, not just taking a break from drinking, but truly disengaging your life from its grip.
  • ​You want to be able to manage social situations without alcohol.
  • ​You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • ​You're looking to change your mindset toward alcohol, you don’t want to think about it anymore.
  • ​You're ready to take control and actively engage with a program that offers structured support and proven strategies.
  • ​You're tired of challenges and quick tips you want sobriety to stick this time.

You might want to look elsewhere if:

  • ​You're looking for a quick fix without a commitment to deeper change.
  • ​You're not ready to engage with the community or follow the structured approach provided by the program.
  • ​You expect results without putting in the effort to change your habits and mindset.

What Could Your Life Look Like?

You didn’t come across this program by accident. If you’ve been following my journey and feel moved by the possibilities of sobriety as I've described, this might be the perfect time to take that step. Sobriety can open your world in ways you’ve never imagined—let "The Sobriety Habit" show you how.

Here’s what people are saying:

“ I am so grateful to be sober. “

Don’t Let Another Year Go By Before You Regain Control Over Your Life

Every day that passes with the struggle against alcohol is another day not fully lived. "The Sobriety Habit" offers you a structured path out of the cycle of dependency that you've been trying to break free from on your own. Here’s why you need to start this journey today:
  • Immediate Benefits: The sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to experience the benefits of sobriety, such as improved health, better relationships, and enhanced mental clarity.
  • Avoid Further Costs: Each day spent in the old patterns of drinking is costing you—financially, emotionally, and physically. The longer you wait, the higher these costs accumulate.
  • Community Support: Joining now means becoming part of a vibrant community ready to support you through upcoming events and daily challenges. This support is crucial for early success in your sobriety journey.
  • ​Limited Enrollment: To ensure personalized attention and support, we limit the number of participants per session. Delaying your decision could mean missing your chance to join this transformative program this season.
  • Special Pricing: Take advantage of the current pricing and special bonuses that are only available for a limited time. Investing in your sobriety now locks in the best rate and terms we offer.
Transform Your Life Today
If you've made it this far on the page, it's clear you're seriously considering a change. Imagine waking up each day feeling refreshed, with no regrets from the night before, and a clear plan for staying sober. Think about the peace of mind you'll have knowing you are finally on the path to a sustainable sober life, equipped with the tools and support you need to succeed.
Why wait to start living the life you've envisioned for yourself? "The Sobriety Habit" is ready to help you build a new foundation, starting now. Join us today, and let's make this year the turning point in your journey.
Got questions?
When does the program start?
The Program starts immediately upon enrollment. You'll gain access to the community and all the materials for the first week right away.
What do we do each week?
Each week (on Friday), you will receive a new habit to practice. This will be in the form of a video or handout delivered via email. Add the weekly calls to your calendar and attend as many as you can.
What happens in the live calls?
The live calls are a great way to ask questions and get support. Veronica and her coaches host them. They are very interactive and an important part of the program. They are recorded.
When are the live calls?
How do I know this will work for me?
Our program is designed to disrupt your current habits and introduce new, healthier routines. It involves active participation and applying what you learn—it's about doing, not just understanding. We're confident in our methodology because it’s based on cognitive behavioral principles that have helped many before you.

What I teach in this program is based on my clinical experience working in rehab and private practice as a psychotherapist. It’s based on research on the most effective ways to get sober and change habits. And it is the program and habits I used to get to 24 years of sobriety. 
What if I'm still drinking?
We believe that sobriety is like a seesaw and that you need to keep putting weight on the sober end. The more weight (information, knowledge and support) on the sober end means that, eventually, your sobriety will become embedded. If you join this program, you are making a significant commitment to yourself to be sober.
I'm sober but know I need more. Is this program for me?
The truth is, we all have struggles. Even if alcohol is no longer a thought in your mind, there are likely difficult areas in your life that you'd love to improve. Everyone can benefit from building better sobriety habits. Check out the testimonials; many people join this program because they are sober but still don't have the lives they want. The real work in alcohol recovery has to do with all the underlying issues we face daily. If you want to improve your relationships, parenting, and career, or if you're unsure of your purpose in life, The Sobriety Habit will help.
Do I need to come to every session?
While it’s beneficial to attend as many sessions as possible to get the most out of the program, your participation is flexible. Engage at your own pace and according to your schedule.
Are the sessions recorded?
Yes. They are recorded and kept for 10 days before being deleted.
How long do I have to get access to the program?
What happens when I finish the program?
If you feel like you would like further support and coaching we can share those options with you at the end of the program.
I don't use Facebook. Can I still participate?
The Sobriety Habit community will not be on Facebook. We use an online platform that allows us to create posts just like on Facebook and host all the videos and training materials in one place. It’s private and confidential.
Do I have to reveal my real name when I create a profile?
You can create an anonymous profile to keep your communications confidential.
What if I change my mind and want a refund?
Our 30-Day Conditional Satisfaction Guarantee
We understand the commitment it takes to embark on a journey toward sobriety, and we stand confidently behind The Sobriety Habit. That's why we offer a 30-day conditional satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

- Engage Fully: To give the program a fair chance, we ask that you actively engage with all aspects of The Sobriety Habit for the first 30 days. This includes attending live sessions, completing assignments, and participating in community support.
- Evaluate Your Progress: If, after fully engaging for 30 days, you feel the program hasn't met your expectations or you haven’t seen any tangible improvements in your journey toward sobriety, we’re here to support your next steps.
- Request a Refund: Simply reach out within the first 30 days of the program and show us that you’ve genuinely engaged but haven't observed the benefits we’ve promised. You will need to submit all your completed work. We’ll refund your investment in full.

Our confidence in The Sobriety Habit is complete, and we believe that once you start applying what you learn, the value will be undeniable. This guarantee ensures that you can join us absolutely risk-free. You have everything to gain from this transformative journey and nothing to lose.

The information on this site and in the Soberful programs are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace any advice from a healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional before you give up alcohol. Withdrawal from alcohol can be life-threatening and even fatal.